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Immersive Scare Mazes

A scare maze is an immersive and interactive attraction designed to evoke fear and excitement in visitors. The primary goal of a scare maze is to provide a thrilling and suspenseful experience. There are live actors throughout the maze who are trained to startle and frighten visitors, therefore creating an atmosphere of suspense and horror. The overall objective is to induce a range of emotions, from fear to excitement and adrenaline rushes, providing a memorable and intense experience for those brave enough to venture through the scare maze.



Dr. Stacy Deracs has done it all: the blood, the sweat, the tears – it was worth every bit. Her groundbreaking study led to the creation of an exceptional drug that can wipe out fear and change our responses to terrifying situations. Thanks to last year's tests, she has fine-tuned the little pill, making those who take it completely fearless. Yes, you read that right – completely fearless! Just imagine the endless possibilities and opportunities that come with living a life free from fear.


Dr. Stacy Deracs is now calling for test subjects to be the first to experience this miraculous drug as it enters human trials. If you're ready to break free from fear's shackles and become a part of history, sign up quickly. Spaces for this trial are limited, so don't miss out on your chance to eradicate fear within you and embrace a fearless future!

Scare BnB

Nestled amidst the whispers of ancient trees lies the serenity of The Jameson’s exquisite Manor House. Step into a world where history breathes through every corner and where your senses will be awakened by the sights and sounds throughout the Manor and its very own private woodland. Jameson’s Manor has been resided in for centuries by the Jameson family, and has become infamous for the rumoured massacre that took place there many moons ago. The manor has not been open for outsiders to step foot inside ever since the rumours arose, but we are delighted to offer an exclusive listing of this historical, extraordinary Manor House. The house itself boasts spacious rooms, ornate details and has an essence of vintage charm throughout. Step into history or wander through the secluded woods as you become immersed in a true gem in Orpington’s history. Whether you’re looking for serenity or just a beautiful place to hang your hat for the night.. Book now for an unforgettable getaway at The Jameson’s Manor.


Reports of eerie clown sightings and unsettling pranks have once again gripped local communities, reminiscent of the trend’s previous emergence back in 2013 and again in 2016. This third resurgence sparks debates about the line between harmless fun and genuine fear, highlighting the enduring impact of this peculiar phenomenon. As the reports have begun to increase and the mentions of suspected abductions arise, local authorities are issuing a warning encouraging people to steer clear of parks and wooded areas as the sun sets and the night draws in. This advice has also been extended to abandoned industrial and even local refuse sites, as it is said that these so-called killer clowns have been gathering there after their rumoured abductions, to revel in their success of hysteria surrounding their return.


Introducing ScreamWorks Studios, a macabre masterpiece factory that dares to delve into the shadows of imagination. Mr Derek Renol, the proud owner of the exciting new film studio, that has promised to be dedicated to create a wicked blend of innovation and nostalgia, as he vows to craft and resurrect spine-tingling tales that redefine the horror genre that we know and hate to love. With a sinister symphony of creativity, fear and suspense, the self-declared unhinged Mr Renol has recently released a casting call, inviting those who share his passion for all things dark and sinister, to become the stars of his nightmares as he dares to bring terror to life through cutting edge filmmaking. Prepare to be captivated with each blood-curdling masterpiece as you dare to step into ScreamWorks Studios as Mr Derek Renol welcomes Orpington into a realm where screams are symphonies and nightmares are our canvas, at the horrifyingly exciting new ScreamWorks Studios. Of course opening just in time for Halloween… 

Humans are limited to what they can accomplish. We are held captive by fear. Fear is the biggest prison for humankind. But what if we could completely eradicate that fight or flight response? What if humankind had no limitations? What if nothing scared us? 


Take part in this brand new, groundbreaking study, run by the infamous and world renowned Cognitive Psychologist Dr. Stacy Deracs. Deracs aims to completely eradicate fear from human existence. In order to do this, Deracs is calling for volunteers to take part and test their reactions to their biggest fears… Do you have what it takes to shape history?

Food & Drink

Experience a delightful array of food and beverages, catered to various dietary preferences. Our partnered local vendors offer a wide range of options, ensuring there's something for everyone. From savory dishes to sweet treats, we have you covered. Visit our themed KSG Bar for alcoholic beverages (ID required) and savor the immersive experience and vibrant atmosphere.


As we pride ourselves on being a family run event, we have teamed up with small local businesses in order to showcase what Orpington has to offer. So you can expect to enjoy the tantalising flavours from local food vendors. As well as interact with our captivating mini games. Discover, indulge, and make cherished memories as you immerse yourself in a whole #WorldOfFear at KSG


Join us for our thrilling 2023 event where you can expect to find interactive street actors, captivating mini games and engaging activities designed to get your heart racing. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience as you navigate through a world of surprises, challenges, and rewards! We also have live bands performing EVERY NIGHT!!!

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