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Our Story

 In 2016, after many years of visiting and enjoying various scare attractions all over the UK, as a family we decided it was time to jump in head first and put on our own Halloween Scare Event. Therefore we ventured into the scare industry, organising our first Halloween Scare Event, which subsequently received rave reviews and won the 'Best New Event' award from ScareTour. Encouraged by its success, we decided to return for a second year, expanding the event with a new attraction. Our second year brought nominations for 'Best Set Design' and 'Best Make-Up and Costume'. We were even invited to share our journey at the ScareTour convention by hosting a seminar based on our collaboration as a family. We continued to enhance the event each year, getting bigger and bigger, moving locations and ultimately becoming one of the top up-and-coming scare events in the UK and have even received another award nomination, this time for ‘Best Rising Star’. We are really grateful to have found a home at Hewitts Farm and after another successful year as Kent Scareground in Orpington, we remain a family-run event committed to our core values. We're excited to bring you another thrilling Halloween experience.


Scare you soon 👻

The Williams Family & KSG Team

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