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Scarefest Summer - Halloween Event

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Summer Spooky! 👻☀️

Advice to find help this Summer whilst waiting for the Halloween event season
Halloween Event

Despite the warm weather, there's always room to add a little chill to your summer days. While some of our favourite scare attractions may be undergoing their seasonal construction in preparation for the grand Halloween opening, the spooky fun doesn't have to be postponed. Here's our pick of some thrilling activities that will keep your pulse racing this summer.

1. Sinister Cinema Screenings: While we eagerly anticipate Halloween scare events, why not immerse yourself in some petrifying cinematic experiences? Many movie theatres will be hosting special screenings of horror and thriller films during the summer. Stay up-to-date with your local cinema and don't miss the chance to experience the thrill on the big screen!

2. The Ghost Bus Tours: If you're seeking an experience that combines both sightseeing and spookiness, then The Ghost Bus Tours are just the ticket. Step aboard the vintage double-decker bus and prepare for a journey that will take you around the city's most haunted spots while sharing their chilling history.

3. London Bridge Ghost Tour: Kent might have its fair share of ghostly events, but if you're looking for an extra dose of fright, the London Bridge Ghost Tour is just a train ride away. Venture into the heart of the city and unearth the secrets of one of the world's most famous bridges.

4. Escape Room Challenges: A staple of modern group activities, escape rooms offer a thrilling race against time. Will you and your friends manage to unravel the clues and make it out before time runs out? Check out local businesses like The Panic Room

5. Haunted Pub Tours: If you're over 18 and fancy an alternative to a haunted house in Orpington, how about a haunted pub tour? Not only can you enjoy some traditional ales and spirits, but you might also encounter some otherworldly spirits along the way. Check out The Haunted London Pub Tour

While we're eagerly preparing for the grand opening of our Scare Maze in Orpington this Halloween season, we hope this list of eerie events will help you maintain the spookiness quotient this summer. So, grab your bravest friends and venture into these scarefest activities!

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Looking forward to seeing you this Halloween season,

Kent ScareGround Team

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