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From Scares to Screams: History of KSG - Halloween Event in Orpington


Welcome to Kent Scareground, where fear meets excitement and screams are the soundtrack of the night. As we gear up for another thrilling season, let's take a moment to reflect on our past as a scare family and team, showcasing the remarkable journey that has brought us to this point.

The Early Years:

In 2016, our inaugural year in Margate, Kent Scareground made an unforgettable entrance into the world of scare attractions. We left an indelible mark on the industry, winning industry-recognized awards and garnering rave reviews and responses from visitors. It was in this very first year that we received prestigious recognition as the "Best Attraction in Europe," solidifying our status as leaders in the field and an award for 'Best New Attraction'.

Rising to Prominence:

Buoyed by the overwhelming success of our debut season, we knew we had to raise the bar even higher. In 2017 and 2018, Kent Scareground continued to grow, expanding our offerings to include a second maze and amplifying our scare factor. Our efforts did not go unnoticed, as we were nominated against top attractions for aspects such as our costumes, make-up, and individual characters and scares,, further solidifying our position as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Taking It to the Next Level:

As the demand for Kent Scareground grew, we realized our humble location in Margate was no longer sufficient to accommodate the throngs of thrill-seekers. Thus, in a bold move, we relocated to Hewitts Farm in Orpington, with a vision of creating a horror park that would offer visitors a more immersive and extended experience. We aimed to transform Kent ScareGround into a destination where people could spend quality time, enveloped in a #WorldOfFear and excitement.

The Journey of Improvement:

In our first year at Hewitts Farm, we experienced great success that exceeded our expectations. However, we also recognized the importance of continuous improvement. We took the lessons learned from that season and eagerly applied them to our 2022 offerings, fine-tuning the scares, optimizing the experiences, and ensuring that each visitor would leave with memories that would haunt them long after they left the park.

A Year of Triumph:

The year 2022 turned out to be nothing short of spectacular for Kent ScareGround. The reviews poured in, with visitors praising the immersive atmosphere, heart-pounding scares, and the attention to detail that set us apart. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, reinforcing our belief that we were on the right path. We were thrilled to have provided an unforgettable experience for all those who dared to step foot into our horror park.

Looking Ahead:

With the resounding success of previous years fueling our excitement, we are more determined than ever to make this year an even more terrifying and memorable one. We have been hard at work, meticulously planning new scares, refining our mazes, and adding spine-chilling surprises around every corner. Kent ScareGround 2023 promises to be an event that will leave you breathless and screaming for more.


Kent ScareGround's journey from its humble beginnings in Margate to its current status as a leading horror park in Orpington has been one filled with accolades, growth, and a shared passion for scaring and thrilling visitors. We invite you to join us on this journey and experience the chilling magic that awaits you at Kent ScareGround. Get ready to be terrified, exhilarated, and have the time of your life as you scream your way through our horrifying attractions. We can't wait to see you there!

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Halloween Event in Orpington
Halloween Event in Orpington


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